Before you get started, make sure to read our rules. Because you have a chance to win some serious prizes, we are pretty serious about our contestants' following the rules. So don't just sit there, read this:
  • Monthly winners of the contest are selected each month (obviously) based on the highest total average score. And then... (drum roll, please)
  • The MissW3 winner is selected every year out of the 12 monthly winners. So, like the old saying goes, if at first you don't succeed, try again. You can try as many times as you want. BUT:
  • Entering the contest multiple times in the SAME month (pay attention here) actually DECREASES your chances to win. And that is because:
  • The voting mechanism is 100% random (yes, that's COMPLETELY random, not 99%, not even 99.99% random). It's based on scores, not numbers of votes. Each contestant receives about the same number of votes. So it's all about WHAT the votes were, not HOW MANY you had.
  • You can enter the contest on a monthly basis in the time period between the 15th of the previous month and the 15th of that month. To make it real simple: the MissW3 month runs from 15th to 15th, not 1st and 30th, or 31st, or... well, you get the idea.
  • The MissW3 winner is selected based on: 1) the total average score 2) results of an additional annual contest open only to the 12 monthly winners. No mail-in entries, sorry. (We think you suspected that)
  • Why is it so cool to be MissW3? Well, in addition to being crowned MissW3, (here comes the juicy part), the winner will get cash prizes... hm... let's repeat that: CASH prizes. The winner also may be introduced to contract opportunities with modeling agencies, talent agencies, and other nice places.
  • Finally: contest rules can change anytime without notice (sorry).
So there you have it! Now go on and enjoy the show! And don't think we didn't um... read the rules to you.

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